Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mirza Sahiba Love Legends In History of Punjab

Love Legends In History of Punjab
Mirza Sahiba

Mirza–Sahiba, a love-lore is a treasure of Punjabi literature. It is a romantic tragedy. Sahiba was another love-lorn soul. Shayer Pillo raves about her beauty and says," As Sahiba stepped out with a lungi tied around her waist, the nine angels died on seeing her beauty and God started counting his last breath…"

Mirza and Sahiba who were cousins and childhood playmates, fell in love with each other. But when this beauty is about to be wedded forcibly to Tahar Khan by her parents, without any hesitation she sends a taunting message to Mirza, whom she loves, to his village Danabad, through a Brahmin called Kammu.

"You must come and decorate Sahiba’s hand with the marriage henna."


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